Faller Certification Card Renewals

BC Forest Safety Council (BCFSC) Faller cards are issued every three years to certified fallers in good standing with the BCFSC.  Cards were issued annually up until January 2020.
From 2008 through 2013 annual faller renewal fees were charged to all certified fallers before a current card was issued. BCFSC no longer charges fees nor collects remaining fees owed, however, if you had outstanding fees; therefore, a lapsed faller certification card and you wish to receive a current card you have the following options:
Inactive fallers will need to receive a field visit from a BCFSC falling safety advisor (FSA).  The FSA will confirm that the faller’s skills and knowledge still meet the BC Faller Training Standard.  There is no cost; many have reported receiving much value from their FSA visit.  The faller will need to provide a suitable timber-site and have current WorkSafeBC insurance coverage.  Please contact the BCFSC Falling Department to book a FSA visit.
If you have been actively production falling for the past 6 months with a lapsed card, your employer may verify using The Employer and Faller Declaration Form.  By completing the declaration form, both the faller and employer are confirming inspection reports/audits were conducted per WorkSafeBC Regulation 26.22.1.
Upon fulfillment of one of the options above, a current faller certification card will be issued.
For more information, call us toll free at 1.877.741.1060 Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm Pacific Standard Time or email us at faller@bcforestsafe.org.


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