Prime Contractor


The goal of this guide is to provide clear and easy to understand information answering the following questions:

The information and tools in this guide are here to help companies be efficient and meet the current legal requirements. This guide is not intended to be “legislation plus” or add unnecessary workload.

This guide seeks to provide factual information and create a common understanding of the requirements among all sizes of forest companies. In order to do this, the information has been divided up into the following sections:

  1. Definitions – Creating a common language
  2. Prime Contractor Responsibilities – What prime contractors need to do.
  3. Responsibilities When Assigning Prime Contractor – What you need to do before you assign this responsibility to a contractor.
  4. Best Practices – The most efficient way of putting this into practice.
  5. Tools – Helpful resources and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Prime Contractor Resource Package
Prime Time Poster

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