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Did you know that as the forest industry’s Health and Safety Association, the BC Forest Safety Council (BCFSC) offers health and safety support services, at no or little cost, to help improve forest worker safety? Using these services can lead to lower injury rates, reduced downtime, better morale, improved productivity and preventing increased costs caused by incidents and serious injuries. Services range from a phone call to on-site consultation. All services are confidential.

Safety check in the woods

Services available to all forestry operations

Safety program and audit assistance – Provide private, confidential support for individuals and companies to improve their safety program and/or to prepare their audit.

Business growth assistance – Provide gap analysis of safety programs with a focus on efficient and effective practices and on reducing paperwork, particularly for companies changing audit size.

Supervisor mentoring and skills development – Provide private, confidential support and coaching to supervisors and managers. See hand faller section for additional falling supervisor services.

Serious incident investigation assistance – Provide private, confidential advice to companies investigating a serious incident, facilitate access to trained, experienced investigators and give advice on how to deal with media, local authorities and others.

Incident pattern analysis – Provide private, confidential advice to companies with large numbers, or high frequency of incidents which may include suggestions to improve safety performance.

Injury prevention and claims management coaching – Provide support to companies for injury prevention, return to work programs and claims management.

Group presentations, workshops and other services – Provide services to groups who share issues, geography, licensees or other similarities. Support for new initiatives in health and safety may be offered at no cost or on a cost-recovery basis for topics such as: Fit to Log — Fit to Drive — Fit to Plant — Prime Contractor Responsibilities — Risk and Hazard Assessment (RADAR) — worker health and wellness — nutrition — performance and fatigue — distracted driving — winter driving — anatomy of a rollover — professional driving and perfor- mance — the business case for safety — what world leading companies do well - other emerging issues.

Support services available to operations with hand fallers

Confidential company review – Provide a private, confidential review of the company’s Falling safety program. The review will not be disclosed to other parties unless agreed in advance and authorized in writing.

Falling Supervisor Certification preparation – Provide falling supervisor course participants with support and mentoring prior to the certification assessment

Supervisor visits – Provide falling supervisor mentoring, promote falling supervisor safety initiatives and perform audits as requested for falling supervisors.

Faller visits – Provide faller mentoring, promote falling safety initiatives and perform audits as requested for fallers.

Faller/blaster coaching and mentoring – Provide coaching and mentoring to dangerous tree faller blasters. Provide qualified assistance to faller/blaster.

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Safety Alerts & Bulletins
The latest safety alerts and bulletins to help you learn from others’ experiences, and anticipate and avoid incidents

Incident Summaries
Link to incident summaries from WorksafeBC

Safety Videos
Safety videos that you can watch or download and share to help your workers learn new safety techniques

Resource Packages
Avalanches, Bears, Injury Prevention, Radar, Winter Driving

Forms & Templates
Here you can find safety forms and templates that you can use to help make your work and company safer

Statistics and up-to-date tracking of how the BC forest industry is doing in improving safety

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