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Steep Slope Resource PackageOperating logging equipment on steep slopes increases the likelihood of reduced machine stability which can result in an upset or roll-over. These events can result in serious worker injuries or fatalities, significant environmental damage and/or expensive lost production and machine repairs.

Productive, injury-free steep slope mechanical harvesting operations require an integrated approach that draws on the skills of all forestry team members - owners, operational planners and lay out crews, contractors, assessors, supervisors and operators. This package was produced by a technical advisory group consisting of engineers, safety professionals, manufacturers, industry associations, forest professionals, logging managers, contractors, supervisors and operators from across BC.

Steep Slope Logging Resource Package

Materials updated September 2, 2015

Part 1 – Risk Assessment and Site Pre-Work Tool includes a two page form used to evaluate site-specific hazards, and to develop a steep slope plan that prescribes controls to mitigate those risks. Part 1 provides instructions for identifying site characteristics, assessing the associated hazards and completing the form to communicate key information. It also lists site- and machine-specific practices that can be implemented to mitigate machine stability risks.

Part 2 – Safe Work Practices for Steep Slope Operations includes procedures and practices that employers would incorporate into their existing management system. General practices are intended as standard operating procedures for all phases of mechanical steep slope operations; machine-specific procedures are targeted to identified equipment.

Part 3 – Steep Slope Planning and Operational Responsibilities describes planning and administrative responsibilities to be completed by each of the three primary constituents of typical BC forest harvesting operations - owners, employers, and employees.

Part 4 – Support Forms and Documents includes three support forms and emergency response procedures that can be used in planning and tracking steep slope operations.

Steep Slope Logging Resource Package (all Parts 1 to 4)
(the PDF file is approximately 1 Meg).

Steep Slope Logging - Risk Assessment and Site Pre-Work Tool and Instructions

Excerpted Part 1 of the Resource Package.

Steep Slope Logging - Risk Assessment and Site Pre-Work Tool and Instructions
(the PDF file is approximately 0.2 Meg).

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