Dangerous Tree Blasting Training

This course is intended to prepare certified, *qualified fallers to work safely and effectively with explosives to remove trees that are too dangerous to fall by conventional methods.

“If conventional methods cannot be safely employed to remove a dangerous tree, blasting or other acceptable methods must be used.”
Workers Compensation Act Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 26.26(3).

Blasting is a practice that helps the faller manage the risks associated with dangerous trees. This training makes blasting more readily available to falling operations, and therefore more likely to be used to overcome the risks of managing dangerous trees, jackpots, hang-ups, or windthrow stacks.

This training is acceptable to WorkSafeBC (WSBC) for fallers wishing to write the WSBC blasting exam to obtain dangerous tree blasting certification.

Goals & Objectives
Participants will gain basic knowledge of:

Applicant Prerequisites
In order to attend this training, you must:

*Documented proof of 320 days of falling experience (and the letter of reference) will need to be provided to the instructor at the training course. The letter must attest to your character, knowledge, qualification and experience and that, as a faller, you would be able to competently handle explosives. The letter should include the company / employer contact information and must be signed by the person endorsing the faller applicant.

Evaluation & Certification
Evaluation: is based upon pre-workshop activities (reading material and participant self-evaluation), successful completion of Dangerous Tree Blasting workshop, demonstrated competency in dangerous tree blasting, and a minimum 80% grade on WorkSafeBC's blasting exam.

Certification: Successful candidates will be granted a blaster’s ticket that is restricted to dangerous tree blasting under the supervision and mentoring of the sponsoring company/employer.

Pre-course Preparation
Participant responsibilities include:

This course covers four days: three classroom days, a mandatory Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) evening course, and half-day WorkSafeBC blasting certification exam taken at the end of the training.

Session Dates, Locations & Enrollment
For course information details, scheduling and current pricing, please go to: http://www.dangertreeblasting.com.

What do I need to bring with me?
Lunch, drinking water, weather-appropriate clothing, caulk boots with good ankle support, falling safety gear, hi-vis, tape measure, pocket calculator, and pens/pencils. Optional (but recommended) are a camera and binoculars.

State of Danger Tree Blasting in BC - a preliminary review.

Submitted by Integra Forest Consulting Ltd. Click here to access the report.

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