Other Training

Other organizations offer safety-oriented training for forest workers. The Council has endorsed the courses listed below as meeting several basic requirements, including:


WorkSafeBC - Supervising For Safety

Meeting Your Workplace Safety Obligations and Becoming a More Effective Supervisor

This free course offers you 24-7 access to high-quality safety materials. It also allows you to select the topics you want to explore and proceed at your own pace.

Hosted on www.supervisingforsafety.com.


Wildlife Danger Tree Assessor's Courses

The WorkSafeBC certified Wildlife Danger Tree Assessor program has three different modules including Forest Harvesting and Silviculture, Wildland Fire Safety, and Parks and Recreation.  Each module consists of class and field exercises as well as a written and oral field exam.  Certification lasts four years.  For module and registration information or a list of current offerings, go to University of Northern BC.   This program is an initiative of the Wildlife Tree Committee of BC.  For more information go to Wildlife Tree Committee of BC.


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