Webinar: Building a Workplace Alcohol & Drug Program

Along with the new Workplace Alcohol and Drug Resource Package, this webinar will provide you with the necessary information to build an effective Workplace Alcohol and Drug Program for your company. This webinar is designed for company owners, managers, supervisors, safety coordinators and joint OH&S committee members.

Topics that will be discussed are: Testing, supervisor responsibilities and what to do when you suspect a worker has a problem. The webinar will be two hours in length with plenty of time for questions. This will be a great opportunity to get expert advice that will work for your company.

The presenter for this webinar is Barb Butler, a nationally recognized expert on this topic. Barb has been assisting governments, industry and labour associations in dealing with the issue of workplace alcohol and drug use since starting her business in 1989. She has worked with organizations in a wide variety of sectors across the country to help them develop and implement alcohol and drug policies.

What is the webinar duration? 2 hours (10am to Noon)

How are the sessions offered?
The WebEx program is an easy web-based download to your computer. You will need a computer equipped with speakers and an internet connection. If you don’t have speakers, you can call a special phone number to access the audio component of the webinar. Note: Please allow 5-10 minutes prior to the session to download the program.

How much does the webinar cost? These webinars are free. Multiple employees from one company are most welcome!

How do I register? Please register with training@bcforestsafe.org or 1-877-741-1060. Confirmation details on your invitation to the webinar will be e-mailed prior to the session start.

Please see our enrollment form for session information and times.

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