List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

Untrained Log Truck DriverBCFSC
Log truck enters block without radio clearance D Lind Contracting Ltd
Log strikes driver at dewrap stationCANFOR
Roadside hazard: snow plow at workD Lind Contracting Ltd.
First Aid Procedures and Equipment: 2018 updatesMacLeod Forest Services
Hazard Alert: Rocks in logging truck loadsMosaic Forest Management
Worker's Hi-Vis PPE catches fire while pile burningGilbert Smith Forest Products Ltd.
Faller struck by overhead hazardINTERFOR
Blocked fuel tank ventilation system led to explosion, injuring workerWorkSafeBC
Fatal leg injury while working alone in isolationBC Coroners Service
Chainsaw Kickback Injury Requires Surgery to HandOregon Occupational Health and Safety
Hunters and “Corona” Campers need to use caution and planning when travelling on Resource RoadsBC Forest Safety Council
ATVs and Water Bar HazardsGorman Bros. Lumber Ltd.
Silviculture Operations Hazard: Extreme WeatherBC Safe Forestry Program
Dusty conditions on forest service roadBCFSC
Train and Logging Truck CollisionBCFSC
Flood and Landslide Risk - Spring 2020BC Forest Safety Council
Lowboy / Lowbed incidents lead to serious injuries to operatorsForest Resources Association (U.S.A.)
Springtime necessities of bear and wildlife safetyBC Forest Safety Council
Heli Hill Crew Worker in the BiteINTERFOR
U.S. Wildland Fire - Manual Tree Falling Injuries and FatalitiesThe Wildfire Lessons Learned Centre (LLC) - USA
Hazard Mitigation: Machine Workstation HygieneINTERFOR
Hoe-Forwarder tips onto sideINTERFOR
Grapple Yarder slides and tips overINTERFOR
COVID-19 (coronavirus): Protect yourself, co-workers, friends and family from respiratory illnessBC Forest Safety Council
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