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BC Forest Safety Council and the Federation of British Columbia Woodlot Associations Woodlot Safety Program

The Woodlot Safety Program outlines four steps using a Safety Plan, forms and safe work procedures. To be a successful program, there must be a commitment by the Woodlot Holder to maintain the safety system by following the program of safety meetings, inspections, assessments, documentation and safe work procedures.

This safety program covers the following Woodlot operation scenarios which vary depending on the expertise, equipment and workers available to the Woodlot Holder:


  1. Woodlot Holder does their own work with the assistance of employees – Supervisory responsibilities only.
  2. Contractors utilized to conduct some of the activities – Contractor selection criteria needed to cover due diligence.
  3. Contractors to coordinate and conduct all of the activities – Contractor selection criteria for the selection of a Prime contractor required.

As a Woodlot Holder you are deemed to be the owner of that workplace by the Workers Compensation Act (WCA) and Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (OH&S Regulation). You are also deemed to be the Prime contractor on that site unless you assign Prime contractor status to another company or person.

Components and Steps in the Woodlot Safety Program

The Woodlot Safety Program consists of the following components:


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